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The heART of It

Sherry Evans is an amazing woman! She’s married and has a super career serving others. From her military service to where she is today. She’s a mom of a college age son and a true asset to her community. She serves as the director of the Crisp County Community Council. They are part of Family Connection, an initiative making measurable improvements for children and families in Georgia. You can hear her heart in this podcast and learn about some of the ways that the community where she serves supports the vision for all children to be healthy, primed for school, and succeed when they get there; that all families are stable, self-sufficient, and productive; and that every community is vibrant, robust, and thriving.

Sherry has also jumped back into her education to become an Art Therapist and works at The Gateway Center to incorporate art into helping victims of sexual assault and their families. It’s a creative method of expression used as a therapeutic technique and it is fascinating

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