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Episode 43 - Brenda Cantrell - "Own the Drive Home" a Smart Marketing Goal

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Brenda Cantrell is joining us in the north Alabama shopping mecca where we’re surrounded by treasures and amazing bargains. This featured guest is a people connector and truly authentic. Nearly a million people a year pass through the location where we’re podcasting for this amazing episode. Have you wondered where the ultimate lost piece of baggage goes? It just might be in Scottsboro, Alabama. This year is a festive 50th year for Unclaimed

while she’s centered in her current role doing what she considers to be the best job in the world as the brand ambassador. He r organization has some progressive methods in training their team members to create an experience for each person who walks through their doors— no matter what role the employee plays. There are some fabulous business practices like “owning the drive home” that she shares with us. For an all inclusive experience, schedule some time to go by this tourist location. Brenda’s parents raised her to go and fulfill her dreams and she’s done the same for her children. Advice she offers to youth — probably to anyone no matter their age — don’t write off an opportunity because you think that you are too big for a position. We talk about family balance how personality can actually lend itself to not having balance. Listen to laugh and get excited about a road trip coming your way. Tune in!

Song used by permission “Stomp” written by Donica Knight Holdman and Jim Huff

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