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Ep 44 Suzanne Mayernick & Grace Hackett Love + One International - People, Relationships & The World

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Love One International is a nonprofit that serves as a rehabilitation center in Uganda. They are working with children who are sick in some way and they pivot to get the medical care needed for the area in which they work and get the children on their feet with their family. Suzanne Mayernick founded the company and got involved when their family’s heart got pricked in Uganda- then they met their adopted daughter JosieLove. Join Suzanne and daughter Grace Hackett in this fabulous conversation of learning their story and going forward to figure out what life looks like blending it all together. This family is active in making a difference. A venture that

has impacted their family in bringing the message that there is so much more outside of our little bubble is a message that resonates. Getting the medical care and the love a child deserves was the drive for Suzanne. The need is huge, but Suzanne has a common sense approach to focus on the need at the moment and the one who is in front of her in the present moment. The compassion and passion comes from a place of all involvement in their family, but the focus comes through that God has planned it all out before them. Grace says that being big communicators keeps the levels of taking care of one another at a point of grace when the chaos of family and business abounds. Get ready for some real talk about the choices that these ladies have made to chart a path. Song used by permission “Stomp” written by Donica Knight Holdman and Jim Huff.

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