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Some things in life are not FAIR

This year I went to the Georgia State Fair and it was fabulous. There was much to see and there were lots of conversations. The booths were decorated with graphics to pull me in and there were people in the booths who were ready to talk about their passions in their work.

I walked around eating. That afterall is a draw of the FAIR. I selected the elephant ear...almost disappointed because I saw items with a lot more stuff piled on top than I recalled. I had to ask for the simple powdered sugar version. But there it was and YUM! Flashback...I remember walking through the fair with a baby and dropping back to stuff the delightful sweet treat into our mouths avoiding the gaze of the baby. Who wanted a hyped up kid? And I smiled because the next year, that baby was cramming it into his mouth too.

We are all marketed to and the fair is just that. There are new aspects and there are traditions that we demand. I use to say to my kids when they exclaim that something is not fair. Nope...there are 3 kinds of fairs: the county fair, the state fair and the world's fair (which no longer exists). That was a comeback to try to let them know that life is not and will not be fair. So deal.

Part of the podcast thrill is to storytell and dig into the lives of those I interview. Any fair memories that you associate this time of year?

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