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It's Peachy

Robin Gray is former teacher of 24 years so the insight she has on youth today is insightful. She’s a part of the Peach Park family in Clanton Alabama which is known up and down the highway throughout Alabama. A definite spot on the tourist trail. Turning a fruit stand into a tourist attraction is, in part, what earned the Gray family, owners and operators of Peach Park the Bronze Alabama Retailer of the Year Award in the Annual Sales $1 Million to $5 Million category. Robin gives us a bit of background on this fabulous property and some of the plans they have coming up. She's a mom of boys who are hard working right along side of the family. As a talented buyer for the gift shop, she is always listening to customers like she recently added a focus for pet lovers. Robin is involved in the Marketing and Merchandising and is the Social Media Manager at Peach Park. Don’t cross her, she was the high school archery coach and has quite an aim.

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