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Episode 9 : Angie Ellis of Ellis Brothers Pecans in Georgi‪a‬

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

This episode is a fabulous conversation with Angie Ellis who is the Ellis Brothers Pecan family—you may know them as We’re Nuts. Angie worked in the financial industry for 30 years and found her place at the table in industries and organizations that are predominately male dominated and she rocked making impact in the community, in schools and industry.

They have a 4th generation working with pecans through her son joining the company where they grow, process and put incredible flavors on pecans and sell them all over the world. Learning about the branding process and how they market is tremendous in the relationships they build in places outside the United States. She talks about the health and nutrition aspects of the pecan and how exports help that market. She looks in the long run and the pecan industry as they are diversifying their markets and looking at other countries. Angie is involved in traveling and marketing the products. The stories she tells — like the set up shop in New York to introduce the pecan with its nutrition value and pulling growers together with one voice and she says the pecan industry has to educate. Work isn’t all that defines Angie, she says “everything we do is not what defines us and who we really are.” Having inner confidence is important. We also talked about family and positive messages for moms and kids alike. She would tell her kids when they were snow skiing that if they weren’t falling going down the mountain then they weren’t skiing to their potential. Tune in and subscribe!

Song used by permission "Stomp" written by Donica Knight and Jim Huff

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