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Episode 40 — Betty McManus — The “Me” Is A Small Part Of The World

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Episode 40 — Betty McManus — The “Me” Is A Small Part Of The World Save Published

You are in for a treat. My mom — Betty McManus— joins the podcast on this episode and my wish is that you feel pulled in and are transported to your own life and memories. Don’t ever say that you won’t do something because you never know what life will give to you. She developed the attitude of being connected to what is happening in her part of the world in whatever comes her way. In her later years, she brought her leadership skills to impact the place she came to call home. She’s been a teacher and a pastor’s wife and a mom to six. Early on she grew up on

a farm and that was the beginning of her creativity sparking as she learned to play with whatever was around. I can remember as a kid that some of these abilities were passed to me as well to help imagination grow. There are hilarious stories—how she ditched some peas she had to shell—and the fact that she didn’t get in trouble blows me away. Betty filled her life with activities that include writing, painting, planning events, growing roses, designing cards, making porcelain pieces to name a few. We talked about her dreams—she wanted to write for The Progressive Farmer (Southern Living) but her world took a different route. Did I mention she's turning 95 this year? Her experience is that the Lord called her husband first to the ministry and then the Lord helped her to support him anyway she could, pleasantly. With that she learned to manage her time, efforts and strengths. Together the two of them embraced some of the unusual and they were ready to take on the world. In our chat, Betty offers pointers to young moms that can help one to be intentional and to be flexible.

Tune in! Song used by permission “Stomp” written by Donica Knight Holdman and Jim Huff

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