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Episode 39 - Ashley White - Showing Up In A Room And Say What You’re Thinking

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

This conversation is incredible and has such depth with Ashley White that you’ll be immediately pulled into the life of a young adult who’s working in Nashville to establish herself. Look into her world as she made connections. Ashley is a song writer and has been she was a kid. She tells us about producing her songs and being messy while she is getting where she wants to through the songs. She says that she wonders if sometimes the ideas and things that we fall in love with we are younger and more innocent are not just dreams but that they are promises and plans

from God. We talk about being in social media as she works in that world for clients and we talk about how you are communicating and balance. Some clarity comes in learning to believe in herself. Ashley has toured and has found that music is a bridge—it has a way of connecting us all—literally, physically and scientifically as our heartbeats get in rhythm when we hear music. We talk about the venerability of songwriting and the process. You will hear some of her journaling and thoughts of how she uses that technique. This is a special episode that will open your mind to a creative and true artist. We talk about enneagrams — a concept that you will want to investigate. Evidently enneagrams go back to childhood wounds and we get a bit down that road with Ashley. An interesting view that Ashley has is with mentors and community. She owns up to the idea that she wants the input and trusts it. Tune in! Song used by permission “Stomp” written by Donica Knight Holdman and Jim Huff

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