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Episode 36 - Brittany Bethea - Prioritize Leaving Space And Tim‪e‬

Culture tells us to be more, buy more and make more money. In this conversation I discuss with Brittany Bethea the idea that these cultural standards are not our identity or what makes us valuable. This young professional is living a life that blends work and motherhood. She’s had what she calls the perfect career job and has struggled to find her balance. As a pharmacist she has navigated roles that landed her at Auburn University in a teaching capacity. You will throughly enjoy Brittany as she’s the guest in this episode and you’ll hear how she explored how she makes her career, marriage and family in the order that make her happy. She’s an achiever. She loves to study, to learn and has learned that being Superwoman is not what you think. Learning to say no is okay and the advice she offers has come through living and setting boundaries that stick and that she began in her youth. Brittany shares much that she has learned about herself. We talk about counseling and how that can be an incredibly useful. We cover some dynamics in marriage, being a spouse of a minister and the two people who influenced Brittany most in her life. Being enough and enough in Christ is where Brittany found herself. Tune in! Song used by permission “Stomp” written by Donica Knight Holdman and Jim Huff

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