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Episode 35 Lauren Kendrick The Customer Journey Is Close To Her Hear‪t

This Alabama girl is the perfect match. Lauren Kendrick works for a company based out of Sydney, Australia and is servicing customers with a technical know-how but also with an understanding of the customer journey. Lauren talks about the ideas of “imposter syndrome” of a career—where you fear that maybe your job is too wonderful and you don’t belong there but she encourages one to take their unique skill set and match that to the job. Growing up in a medical family Lauren thought that would be the route she’d take, but she chased another avenue to serve people and to make an impact. This happened in ways that she couldn’t imagine as she set out in her career. You don’t usually think of software as being one of personal connections, but her approach makes it a task to service the customer and rally them around the product. Lauren’s advice to both younger and older individuals is to surround yourself with cheerleaders— but make sure that those people whom you select are truthful to you so that they give constructive advice to help you pivot into the purposes of this world. Lauren found that in her faith and looking inward to examine herself that she could find the direction in her career and her relationship choices. Push to be your best and then run with it was the advice coming out of her dad and the support from her mom. She is finding fulfillment in her role, enjoyment in her life, and can sustain herself in this career. Know your value and your worth and be confident are guidelines Lauren stands by and says that is what defines the approach in life and career. She got the “just ask” technique down because often that is all is takes to get further down the road to pursue what you are after in this life. Tune in to learn more about empathy as a team player. Song used by permission “Stomp” written by Donica Knight and Jim Huff

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