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Episode 32, Lauren Brendle's Life In The Cit‪y‬

Meet Lauren Brendle who is living her life in New York City! Every day is interesting and different for her and adjusting to life in the city versus back in the south. She is a research and data girl, but has come up with some creative job options. This conversation is one that winds through mental health, good self care and social structure of a young adult in the big city. Lauren is a fan of music and in her research of mental health she’s been involved incorporating music and mental health through a playlist service that focuses on how music affects emotions to meet someone where they may be…like if they are expecting anxiety, happiness, depression or sadness. She talks about how our bodies are in tuned. This girls reads and backs up a lot of those thoughts that you may have had as well. Over coming fears is what Lauren has found to be interesting in moving with the city and learning her boundaries. Being and individual is important, but so is finding like mindedness. Her advice to her younger self is spot on for us all…Tune in! Song used by permission”Stomp” written by Donica Knight and Jim Huff

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