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Episode 31 - Lara and Theresa- Managing Mothering And Career, You Really Can Have It Al‪l‬

There are people who have come along side and helped you become the person that you are today and this episode is one that is worth sharing because this mother/daughter duo are amazing. They are my tribe! Lara Ables is in the school system in Sanford North Carolina and works with students to help them in dual enrollment. She’s married to a police officer and army reservist, so we know the sacrifices she makes on the home front. High schoolers are her calling and she is passionate to help them arrange their building blocks. Lara is a mom of two and she helped me raise my three! Her mom, Theresa Howard joined us in the conversation and what life experience she brings! From Army wife, to pastor’s wife — this lady is making huge contributions to her community. We talk about education, children, parenting and grandparenting, and reminisce just a little. Tune in! Song “STOMP” Used by Permission written by Donica Knight and Jim Huff

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