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Episode 28-Laurie Herrington and Toni Lanneau bring teamwork and tremendous commitment to educatio‪n

This conversation was super with two ladies who have teaching hearts, train and coach parents and teachers alike. Traditions are huge with these two as they raised their children and have made choices to be completely dedicated to the area where they live. Being in different life situations as kids gave them a guide for what they wanted in their lives. These ladies are at one of the largest pre-K systems in the state of Georgia and say that there might be a lot of work in the beginning, but the pay off is huge. Take a listen and you will leave discovering that Pre-K education is more than playing and taking a nap. How do you deal with feelings that you have to be safe and respectful? We know as adults what to do, but as three and four year olds it isn’t so easy. You can’t bite, throw things and kick and scream so what are some strategies you can use? These are a few of the skills that the two featured guests are teaching to teachers in a pre-K environment. We talk about calm down centers or replacement cards for strategies for teachers to use or friendship skills, problem solving and activities that parents can implement so that they don’t lose ground at home. They utilize educational grants and collaborations. The projects that these two launch into are contagious and their goals are met with so much enthusiasm. The Literacy Bus, HeadStart, PAWS, and so much more are on the agenda for this group. Tune in! Song used by permission "Stomp" written by Donica Knight and Jim Huff

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