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Episode 27- Sarah Stahl When There's So Much To Do, Sleep Is A Superpowe‪r‬

Start the new year with a young women who is making moves in communications and marketing that bring attention to Alabama. Sarah Stahl is from Jackson county in Alabama…the largest caving community that you’d never imagine being in north Alabama! This young professional is absolutely one to hear and has ideas and energy that is contagious. You will be inspired as she started a couple businesses and learned from some tough mistakes, but she learned what a tight knit community can do in marketing. While we talked, Sarah is a part of the Chamber of Commerce and is incredibly innovative. She changed jobs since we got together for this conversation, but this entrepreneur is on top of economic feasibility and industry and is creative in major ways! Pull up a chair and listen and learn. Linking stories and pictures and getting the community going is how she drives her event coverage. Being part of a community is not always about selling, it is more of pooling the resources and growing together. Want to know about some specifics of marketing tools? Sarah has information of platforms and how she utilizes them. You will want to follow Sarah and find out what she’s doing now! Song used by permission “Stomp” written by Donica Knight and Jim Huff

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