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Episode 26- Dr. Kim Ousley House Call Ve‪t‬

Auburn University graduate Dr Kim Ousley joins Stacked Keys Podcast — you might know her as The House Call Vet or a surgeon at Eastmont Animal Clinic in Montgomery, Alabama or on stage in a seminar training through Practice Enhancement Services. She shares how she found a way to balance and incorporate responsibility to her kids to create the way to keep all of her plates spinning. There are parallels between her career experiences and raising her girls—task completion, work fulfillment and ethic and sacrifice. No day as a veterinarian is a typical planned day—some days are just not for the weak hearted. When coaching young students she makes sure they realize that it is rarely about a day with puppies and kittens and loving on animals. There are long hours, tough decisions and a huge learning library that you dive into. Surgery found Dr. Ousley and she finds that the key is never becoming complacent and always staying on her toes. Particular and mindful are attributes she tries to dig into every day and she’s big on communication with both the animal and people. What and how the animal will respond as well as teaching staff to read patients make the whole experience smoother. Pets are a forerunner part of families and that makes a difference in the approach to preventative care and having better quality of life. Dr. Ousley knew she wanted to be a vet since she was 6 years old— she loves the animal and human bond. The key to success is a combination of work ethic and goals. Song used by permission “Stomp” written by Donica Knight and Jim Huff

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