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Episode 22: Janie Steindorff - Don't Be Afraid To Dream & Use Your Voic‪e‬

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Teacher and Author Janie Steindorf is featured on this episode of Stacked Keys Podcast. She wastes no time diving into life callings and living actively and daily a faith in Christ that she owns. Janie is in the classroom and shares experiences she’s gathered—she’s learned to listen. One method for growth she’s implemented is to plant yourself in different experiences, learn and disciple. We talk about boundaries and being sure that she takes care of herself and be able to give her best. An overarching theme in the conversation is that “there’s grace for that”—her spirituality influences her choices and her outward pushes. There’s talk of international travels and how she learned to accept and respect cultures. As Janie launched her teaching career, she saw the need for a book that taught skills in one book and she put her heart in Montgomery that takes the old into new and the people in places to make history. Tune in for an uplifting glimpse into her world. Song used by permission "Stomp" written by Donica Knight and Jim Huff

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