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Episode 21- Melissa Warnke, Don't Let a Situation, Role or Gender Define What You Can or Can't D‪o‬

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Melissa Warnke settled in her job as the Director of Communications at the Alabama State Bar Association a bit longer since we recorded and It’s exciting to introduce her to you. She continues involvement with a broad spectrum of tools to impact her audience/members. Follow experiences and open yourself to opportunities is premium advice that she shares. As a young professional and mom, balancing life is a challenge but finding community and connecting to people is key. Melissa reflects on experiences that are built on top of each other to build a network that has launched a fulfilling career. Melissa talks about shopping experiences from her retail expertise and how it is changing and how it can personalize—sometimes through social media or popup venues. Storytelling—sharing the real heartbeat of the industry in which you are working brings value. She a part of professional organizations like the Public Relations Council of Alabama, Junior League and more. Song “STOMP” used by permission of Donica Knight and Jim Huff

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