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Episode 19: Laura Bethea - Serve From A Place Of Fullnes‪s‬

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Laura Bethea joins us on Stacked Keys Podcast to share insights on business, personal growth, raising kids and marriage. She’s an Alabama native and is launching her life in small town USA…not a temporary community for them. She started out in film and graphic design and when she landed in Florence it’s been a path. Laura is candid and I think lets you inside to feel the fears, frustrations and growth. Laura has lost a job and created three business launches. We go into ennagrams—Laura is a 7—she’s creative, sharp mind and fast brain BUT doesn’t get caught up in the is this good enough. To her younger self she says that you can serve your family from a place of fullness. Tune in! Song used by permission "Stomp" written by Donica Knight and Jim Huff



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