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Episode 18: Kala Brown, Culinary Insights and the Path to Get Ther‪e‬

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Being a female leader in the food industry is hard and she shares a frustrating experience where she didn't get treated the same as male counterparts. Kala says she’s stubborn, sassy and a hard worker and knowing her own personalty is one way for her to know how and why she acts under pressure and it makes her a better employer and employee. Kala, a culinary/business graduate from the University of North Alabama, is in the culinary world serving up dishes that perhaps your Grandmother created. Kayla grew up playing competitive sports and says that helped her in the culinary industry. She says that you don’t get to quit and you have to work hard —just like it is on a sport team. You can find both Kayla and her husband in the kitchen when they aren’t working—they switch off who’s cooking when. When she talks about marriage, she and her spouse have the thought that each partner is giving 100 percent in the relationship, not 50/50. Hard work pays off in the relationship world and in the work world. Life is mentally and physically hard, but somehow they manage with an awesome work team. This couple spends a week of their vacation in Hawaii — from the beach, to the rainforest, to the mountains — what a romantic place to spend with that someone special. With the Hawaiian influence, she taught herself to play the ukulele. We talk about her thoughts of education, personalty types and so much more! Join us and subscribe! Song used by permission "Stomp" by Donica Knight and Jim Huff

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